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We have found an associated number. To contact you can call the following number and you will be redirected to AXA Assistance:
Phone number0906 999 0114 Call information: Cost of the call 100p/minute

Axa Insurance Company

AXA is a global insurance company headquartered at Paris, France. The company offers extensive financial services such as investment management, global insurance, and life insurance. AXA is primarily active in Western Europe, the Asia Pacific region, North America, and the Middle East. The company has a slight presence in Africa and looking to extend its franchises in West African countries.

The company is a conglomerate of various businesses that run independently and work under the laws and regulations of different countries. In addition, the company is an important constituent of the Euro Stoxx-50 stock market index. The primary objective of the company is a commitment to providing response and prevention solutions to customers from risks and exposures head on.

Besides its social and artistic philanthropic initiatives, the company created the AXA Research Fund recently. Endowed with €100 million, it offers support for research and development focused on comprehension and prevention of risks related to human life, environment, and society.

Products and Services

The AXA group has a wide range of products and services:

  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Marine Cargo
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Claims


It is a part of an international insurance network and provides risk management solutions and commercial insurance coverage for domestic and multinational businesses. AXA’s life insurance service is designed primarily to provide protection to your family’s fiscal security. AXA’s Life insurance can help:

  • Allow your family to keep up its standard of living.
  • Pay taxes and debts after your death.
  • Provide immediate or instant access to cash.
  • Support your dependent's dreams and goals.


It does not matter what type of life insurance facility you choose, there is no substitute/alternative for the equanimity and composure it can provide. AXA helps you determine the right type of insurance for you, the degree of protection you and your family need, as well as making the most of your premium amount. The qualified and licensed financial insurance agents at AXA can set up both short-term and long-term financial insurance goals for you.

Retirement might be the most important investing and saving objective of our lives. So, it is an upright thing there are fiscal products that let you start to save early. Products such as pensions and your employer’s savings plans allow you to save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

In addition, AXA provide retirement plans for employers since your workforces are important for your organization’s success. AXA’s competitive benefits package is an effective way to draw talent and keep them content and productive. AXA provides various ways for them to make savings for retirement.

How to contact AXA?

AXA has a 24/7 customer support service equipped with advanced technological tools so that you are directed to the right department. For general enquiries, call on 888 292-4636. For life insurance products and services, call on 800 777-6510. In addition, for Life, Dental, Vision, Long-Term Disability Short-Term Disability, call on 866 274-9887, and for Brokerage and Advisory Products, call on 866 487-7484.

Contact Numbers

  • Investment Edge and Retirement Cornerstone: 800 789-7771.
  • Structured Capital Strategies: 877 899-3743.
  • Annuity Benefit: 800 245-1230.
  • Single Premium Deferred (SPDA): 800 628-7789.
  • 300 Plus Series: 800 628-7789.
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