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RIAS Insurance

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We have found an associated number. To contact you can call the following number and you will be redirected to RIAS Insurance:
Phone number0906 999 0120 Call information: Cost of the call 100p/minute

Rias is a general insurance company that offers home, car, caravan, and travel insurance. The Financial Conduct Authority authorizes and regulates this company. David Holden established this company in 1992, which originally offered insurance services from a panel of insurers. The company was also a part of Fortis Group that later adopted the name “Ageas UK” reflecting a standalone status of the global insurance group.

Services Rias insurance

The primary goal of RIAS is to help save you money without compromising on quality. The company lays emphasis on the provision of peace of mind and tranquillity at all times. The company ensures access to the UK-based claims services, which include “Home Insurance,” “Travel Insurance,” “Caravan Insurance,” and “Breakdown Insurance.”

The home insurance service offers access to our UK market-leading entitlements service with keen claims consultants on hand 24/7. It offers accidental damage covers for computers, laptops, TV, and audio equipment. So much so, the home insurance service likewise includes protection of home structure, plus your fixtures and fittings, gates, garden walls, patios and drives.

Rias comprehensive car insurance is packed with “Onward travel cover” that arranges transport services for you and your passengers to get back home or to any planned destination in the UK, “Uninsured driver promise” that provides you reimbursements if your car gets hit by an uninsured driver. Likewise, the company will repair your car. RIAS provides a lifetime guarantee on repairing and workmanship by one of their approved repairers along with emergency overnight accommodations.

The company is dedicated to facilitating you with the best services and products so that your insurance policies provides you peace of him whether you are at home or abroad. The single trip insurance service gives you an ultimate combination of great value and travel cover. In addition, the annual multi-trip insurance gives you the facility to make multiple trips (31 days within a year) all wrapped up in a single policy.

Rias team

The company’s office and call centres are located in Bournemouth, which employs more than 900 employees committed to giving you the paramount level of services 24/7. The employees are qualified and equipped with high-tech tools to give you exactly what you need. The customer support team thoroughly understands your situation, explains the policies, and helps you choose the right type of insurance plan. The team believes in giving you affordable and high quality insurance service along with unbeatable client support service as well as an active involvement in the local community. For this reason, they are constantly looking at ways to enhance your experiences by providing you:

  • Flexible, affordable cover.
  • A variety of free extras to cover all your needs.
  • Dedicated customer service staffed by trained advisors.
  • Specialist consultants in call centres (UK).

Rias contact

You can call on the following contact numbers for general enquiries, quotes, and claims.

  • Car Insurance: 0800 561 0712
  • Home Insurance: 0800 561 0711
  • Travel Insurance: 01527 881 009
  • Funeral plan insurance: 0800 633 5124

For more information on insurance services and customer support, visit https://www.rias.co.uk/


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